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Definition of Enterprise Logoag8集团公司客户端二维码

As a whole, the identity of the logo is "9" in Arabia as the memory point, representing the Chinese name "九州通" because “9” in Chinese and “九” as a Chinese word has the same pronunciation.

Logo is a blue dominant color representing rationality, stability, technology, innovation and efficiency, highlighting Jointown's commitment and confidence to enhance executive power through continuous improvement. 

“,” ag8集团公司官网安卓comma sign represents that Jointown has always maintained a sense of crisis, and the struggle is endless.

“+” ag8集团公司首页注册Plus sign represents thatJointown specializes in the medical and health industry, and always provides professional service to customers.

“JoinTown”ag8集团公司登录娱乐 evolved from “Joint Town”. Which has a similar pronunciation with Chinese words “九州通”. The meaning is to connect towns, representing that in Hubei Wuhan which is thoroughfare to Nine Provinces, Jointown connects the whole country and even the world, symbolizing the rapid, flexible, unimpeded medical service network system of Jointown.



Core Philosophy-Soul of Cultureag8集团公司首页登录ag8集团公司ios下载


Enterprise Vision:ag8集团公司客户端二维码 To be the most professional provider of medical devices

Core Values: ag8集团公司官网官网Conscientiousness Crisis SenseExecutive Ability Degree of Integration

Enterprise Spirit: Credibility and Integrity Diligence Cooperation-Competition Innovation

Culture Essence:ag8集团公司首页注册 Family Culture & Friendliness & Mutual help & Common progress

Enterprise Mission:ag8集团公司首页登录 We uphold the responsibility and mission of "caring for life, 

paying attention to health". 

Adhere to the "more professional, more efficient, more reliable" brand concept

 as the guideto action, work hard to be your most trustworthy partner.